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New York Times Recipes Bread,Fanatic Cook: New York Times No-Knead Bread,Ny times simple crusty bread|2020-05-24

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Trying to think of a gift for the person who has everything? Wanting to bring something special to the friend who just had a baby? Bake them a loaf of bread! If you wrap it up in a big kitchen towel and tie it with a nice ribbon, you are practically Martha Stewart.This helps to retain the heat and create the steam needed to keep this a light and airy bread.That means I have a pumpkin pie deficit.Works wonderfully.Without seeing it next to the dough I’m not sure.I made the loaf again for Thanksgiving and it was just as delicious.But as I was making it, I got very persnickety about it, bothered by a few things in the recipes I tried.

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We also thrown in a tablespoon of rubbed caraway seeds, since so many people associate that with rye.Toss to coat.Thanks for this recipe!.Hi Natasha , thank you for sharing this lovely recipe.I love seeing all the goodness you are whipping up in your kitchens!.KT, I think it’s just a matter of trying several times to get the hang of it.And it was so easy!I used a stick of butter, and whole wheat pastry flour for about one quarter of the total flour.I’m delighted to know this, Jenny.the first loaf seriously burnt the top, and the second one still was over cooked even though I checked it after 20 minutes.

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Try it warmed and spread with maple chevre!.Jul 06, 2014New York Times 5 Minute No Knead Bread This bread recipe has been around for many years and I’ve made it a couple of times at my old house.Thanks for the recipe!! Definitely a keeper.Hi Natasha.I actually made muffins with the batter cause my son loves muffins, and I’m new to gluten free baking, so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.Check the temperature of your oven.I don’t know how comfortable I would be with leaving the oven on overnight with no way of ensuring that the water bath wouldn’t dryout.

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It’s one of my favorite times with the internet – when little pockets of people can come together and help each other out.Thanks Natasha! You’re the best! I’m getting obsessed with trying your recipes one after another for like 2 months in a row I think.I have had no problems with this method.Think I will tryand get afew loaves made for our Halloween party next week.The dough was still very sweet – but the pumpkin watered it down significantly and made it “just right”.I noticed in some of your other recipes you use pumpkin pie spice vs.

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… I’d have like, twenty cents.KT, I think it’s just a matter of trying several times to get the hang of it.Best New York Times Vegan Thanksgiving from Ve arian Thanksgiving Caramelized ion and Fennel.It would have to be an experiment.when i take my bread from the oven i cover it with foil, and leave till bread cools down, and after this it still nice and soft.Cynthia, that is soooo odd.Cover bowl with plastic wrap.With well-floured hands, fold dough in half, then fold in half again.Thanks for excellent directions.The one time I kept the dough on the counter, it did not rise in the baking and looked like asourdough starter with a thin amount of hooch on the top.

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Ok, so, I modified this recipe to the point where I can no longer call it a pumpkin bread.I am interested to see how it goes.Our studio smelled amazing for days (because we made it multiple days in a row).I used the back of a cast iron pan to proof second time then slide it into oven lol.For one thing, many people who bake this bread find the dough to be unusually wet.A bull’s-eye the size of a half-dollar yielded easily.Packed flour, scooped flour, sifted flour will all give too much/not enough flour.Preheat the oven to 350°F.Thanks for the recipe!! Definitely a keeper.Excellent, Lisa.

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